January 10, 2012

Double baby shower

In late November I went to a double baby shower at work. Catie and Sierra were due a month apart but they had their shower together. Catie was due first on December 11th and Sierra was due on January 9th. Sierra ended up having her baby early because of complications but the babies were born two days apart on December 10th and 12th. Of course, I was rooting for the the 9th since yours truely had a birthday that day! Ugh! now I'm even older.
I, of course, decided to crochet them blankets. The first blanket was for Sierra, she had a baby girl. She choose the colors of pink and green. I love these colors. These were my wedding colors so, maybe that's why I'm partial! I made these granny squares four across and three down and it turned out a pretty good size blanket. I am so in love with the scallop edge trim so that's what I choose here.

 Catie had a boy and the theme of the room she decorated was Dr. Suess. I had sooooo much fun picking out the colors for this blanket. I turned out bigger than I had planned but who cares. I picked five colors to make granny squares with and trimmed it in black as a sixth color. You can't tell in the picture but part of the trim was a picot stitch. I had never tried that one. It turned out great.

Both ladies liked their blankets and I'm getting better at making them.