July 7, 2007

Allen and Christie's Wedding

We were back a day from our honeymoon and went to Allen and Christie's Wedding in Kansas City.


John, Josh, Donna

The guys
Garry, Keith, Ed, John, Randy, and Mike

July 5, 2007

Our Honeymoon Cruise July 2-5, 2007

Getting on the boat in Maimi - July 2

Nassau, Bahamas - July3
Hotel Atlantis at Sunrise

We went snorkling in Nassau
We dressed for our formal dinner on the ship.

We arrived at Cooc Cay - July 4

These went to the island on this little tenders.
There is our ship!
The island is beautiful.

Kest West, FL - July 5
I love all the houses
We went on a "Bar Crawl" in Key West.
And went to four different bars
By the time we had gotten to Rick's we were feeling pretty good.
Keith and these sisters from Ohio we met along the way. They were so funny. On the way back to the boat I had to find key lime pie I had been wanting the whole trip.
We came home to another towel creation. A stingray.