October 31, 2008



Jasmine has been on fall break at school, parent/teacher conferences were this week. She went to school 1 1/2 days this week and had the rest of the week off. I think the school was avoiding anything to do with Halloween in my opinion. She was home all day Wednesday by herself. Wednesday night she spent the night at her friend Kate's house so, Thursday she was at Kate's all day. I felt like I should spend some time with her on Friday so I took the day off work.

We had a nice day, we took our time getting up and going. I made dinner ahead of time so it would be ready for later. I made Spaghetti Pie, I had never made it, I'll post the recipe soon. Jasmine carved her pumpkin all by herself while I made our dinner. She did such a good job with her pumpkin. I love that she's old enough to do it on her own. I know she had fun with it too. Best of all, I didn't get all gooey and gross with pumpkin guts! Although, I did go back to her bowl and pull out all the seeds for roasting. I really like those, I just heard those yummy seed are packed with lots of good nutrients. Yum.

We got all cleaned up and finally got out of the house to go get Jasmine's costume, she wanted to be a black cat this year. We went to the mall and found a Halloween store. It is so much fun looking at all of the costumes other people were wearing and buying. We found her some ears, they can be used for a mouse or cat, and a black tail. After that store we wondered around a little and I kept having to keep us on track. I also want to get my early voting done, I knew it was the last day until Tuesday and we finally found the line to vote. OMG the line was ridiculously long. I ended up standing in that line for 2 hours and 40 minutes. By the time I was done it was 5 o'clock. Earlier in the day I had invited Elizabeth and JJ over for dinner to see JJ's costume, they were supposed to be at my house at 5pm. I am glad I voted and got it over with, but I really wished I would have been a little more on the ball. In Heine sight I also wished we wouldn't have wasted time wondering around the mall until I saw how long the line to vote was. Oh well, everything always works and I just called Liz and asked to wait a few minutes. She was fine with it and I walked in the door a few minutes before she did.

JJ was a really cute monkey. How can you resist that little cute thing?

Liz was a Black cat also, they didn't even plan it that way. Jazzy asked Liz to do her make-up for the night. Liz did a great job on her own make-up and Jazzy's also. We ate the Spaghetti Pie I had made earlier, I am so glad I did that. JJ really enjoyed the green beans and a few of the noodles. We got some pictures and they left. He had to make the rounds to others who wanted to see him dressed up.

Jasmine and I went to Carol's house and Keith stayed home to hand out candy, I think he was quite content with that decision. Carol invites us every year and some years we make it and some we don't. The last time we went over to Rich and Carol's was 2 years ago. She always goes overboard with the decorations and she buys gifts for the kids. Michele brought her Mom from Denver and only had Ethan this year. I think Jazzy was a little disappointed that the older boys weren't there this year but her and Ethan had fun going house to house trick-or treating. Ethan dressed up as Elvis, black leather jacket with guitar and all. It was such a beautiful night I brought a sweater and didn't even put it on. I think we broke some temperature records this year. It was unbelievable!

I agreed to watch JJ for Liz and I asked if he could spend the night, she said yes! So, that was a first and he was so good and fun. I slept next to him all night and he woke up a couple times then was up by 6:45am Saturday morning. I took him to my friend's Aleta and Michele to show him off. Also took him to the Salon and a few people got to see there.

October 29, 2008

Keith's Birthday

So, here is an update to Keith's birthday

The visit with his parents was really nice. They got here Friday before Keith and I got home from work. Jasmine was home from school to greet them. We had BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches. My mother-in-law brought her fruit cups. Yum.

We had a great meal. And of course we had to break out the games. Their favorites are farkel, spinner and pitch. Jasmine loves playing all the games. She learned how to play pitch this weekend. I am glad, I like that game too.

Saturday, Keith's Birthday, we had a great breakfast of biscuits and gravy and a cream cheese braid. I can't say enough good things about Keith's mom's cooking. I love it. We gave Keith his presents. He liked them. I know he understood that the table is the big gift, still on it's way. When I was wrapping the gifts I noticed there was a difference of the two place mats. They said they were the same sizes but they were obviously different. I wrapped them anyway and I pointed it out to Keith. He like them and said he wanted two more just like them. So I returned them and bought two more for a total of four. His parents gave him money for his birthday. His mom made the infamous cake he's been wanting for his birthday since the year I met him. I watched closely so I can replicate it in the future. We went down to the bus to show his parents the bunk beds and other things Keith has been working on. I asked Keith's mom if she'd be interested in making us some curtains for the bunk beds, ones that will block out light. She said she would although we didn't measure for them when we were there. We then took a drive up by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Helen Hunt falls, Gold Camp Road and Garden of the Gods. It was a really nice day we were lucky to have it so nice for the end of October. I think everyone enjoyed the ride. We stopped at Helen Hunt Falls and walk up the falls a bit, but because Keith's dad doesn't do much walking we came back down and drove the 6 miles of Gold Camp Rd. It's dirt most of the way, but an easy road to drive it has a beautiful view of the city from up there. Keith, his mom, Ora Mae and Jasmine found some rocks on the side of the road. Then we drove through Garden of the Gods, it's always a beautiful park to drive through. We were getting hungry, OK maybe just Jazzy and I were, but we went to Edelweiss. A German restaurant that Keith and I have really enjoyed in the past. I order the Rahmschnitzel, I loved it and I am making a mental note (and writing it here) of what it's called. I will order it again, Keith even said he liked mine better than his. It had a mushroom cream sauce with the pork. Yum. It was a good day in all, I hope Keith had a great day, I believe he did.

Sunday we got up and had another great breakfast this time cooked in part by Keith. He does a good job too :) We kinda sat around for a while in the morning then finally decided to go play mini-golf. It gave us something to do. Keith was the winner, how appropiate. Then came home and cooked the ribs hand-delivered from Bandanas BBQ in Kansas City, MO( this is the place that catered our wedding). Ken and Ora Mae brought the ribs and a bottle of BBQ sauce, it is the flavor "spicy". She also made cheesy potatoes to go with our ribs. That was so nice.
His parents left early Monday morning and got home safely. We will get to see them at Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see the whole family.

We had great food and fun with the family all weekend.

October 24, 2008

Keith's Birthday presents

My Mother and Father In-law are driving in today from Kansas City, MO for Keith's birthday tomorrow. He will be 44. For his birthday present he wanted a table for the bus. He picked it out himself online, he ordered it about 3-4 weeks ago and I wondering when it will be here. He had it shipped to his work. So, he'll get to see before I will. I know he is looking forward to getting it and seeing it in the bus. With all that said, I wanted to give him something to open on his birthday so I picked up a couple of things that are little but go along with the theme of his table if there has to be a theme that is. So, I got him a couple of place mats, a candle and a new travel coffee mug. Jazzy picked out a cozi for a beer bottle, it's a Hawaiian shirt cozi. He wants to decorate the bus in beach themed decor, so the place mats I picked out are bamboo and light colored enough I think they will go with his theme. I know what your thinking, what man is going to want a candle and place mats for his birthday? I know, I know, I was at a loss of things to get just in the name of having something to open. We'll see if he likes it all. I just hope he remembers that the table he wanted was the main gift. And, the table cost of lot once we paid for shipping. But, I did get a wonderful Kitchenaid mixer last year for my birthday from my wonderful husband.

October 15, 2008

October 12-14 2008, Our Weekend at Pikes Peak Rv Park

I believe I have mentioned in the past that we were interested in joining The Good Sam's Rving group. We actually had to be voted in and we were. Yeah! I am excited to be a part of this group, they seem like they are going to be a fun group. I am probably the youngest of the adults. Jasmine was the only child, everyone else has grown children in fact some of their grandchildren are Jasmine's age but, I don't think she was too bored. She read a lot this weekend(Not like her, but she was happy). We camped at the Pikes Peak Rv Park in Manitou Springs, CO. We brought the bus up from Pueblo to Manitou on Friday at about 5 ish. We stayed in site # 50/51, Keith always wants to remember which site we stayed in so if we decide to go back we can stay in the same spot if it was a good one. We liked this spot it was perfect for us.
So, Friday night there where "heavy appetizers", everyone was supposed to bring something. I did not realize this, so we ate all the food and I mentioned to Jan, a Good Sam member, that I didn't realize I was supposed to bring something. She made sure I knew it was OK, "because there is always enough food".
Saturday we were on our own all day to do what we wanted, they did have a scavenger hunt to do in Manitou, we didn't do it. We watched Boris with his lathe make a beautiful bottle opener of ebony wood, among other things and he let Jasmine help him make it and keep it. By the time we were done watching his wonderful work, it was so interesting, it was after 1pm. Plus, it was so cold and spitting rain so I think we had stood outside long enough, at one point I brought Jasmine some Hot Chocolate. Brrr! We then went to Amanda's Fonda Mexican Restaurant. I love that place. In fact, I've decided they have the best salsa in town. I had Carnitas, I liked it. I may try something else the next time I go there. Saturday night the Good Sam's had a Chili/Gumbo/Soup cook-off. We made our Jambalaya, we didn't win, but had wonderful warm food perfect for the weather. Everyone stayed inside on Saturday night, ok maybe we just stayed inside because it was too cold outside. I will be glad the rest of the campouts are summer months, so they'll be warmer.
Sunday we made breakfast meat to share and brought fruit and the "Wagon Masters" supplied the pancakes. I am guessing there will not be a shortage of food on these fun weekends. We visited for a bit and then packed up and left. All in all it was a fun weekend. November 8th we are meeting in a restaurant and will continue to do that until the camping resumes in April or May depending on weather.

October 8, 2008

Wednesday October 8,2008

Today is Wednesday.

Since Jazzy goes to Church with her friend Katie every Wednesday night, Keith and I have been going out to dinner. But, we all went out last night to a pizza place here in town I've been wanting to try, NYPD Pizza. Good Pizza. Because we had never been there we were excited to find out that every Tuesday there's a deal, buy one pizza get one free! Score. I think we'll go back although we have another local favorite we like also. It is Boriello Brothers Pizza and it is another New York style pizza. We seem to like that style.

I watched a little TV last night. I have to admit I am addicted to TV. I have contemplated stopping my watching but I am not sure I can. So, I caught up on Oprah. I also watched a new show this season called Privileged, it's on the CW network. It's a cute show, the main character Megan is so quirky, I love that about her.

I am working two jobs right now. I am working so diligently on getting out of debt. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays I go to Denver to work for a company, they are a contracted company with a gas company, I walk in neighborhoods checking gas meters for corrosion and rusting. Not a hard job, I bust my butt and can get the job done early. So, the second half of the day are mine to do with BUT, I am stuck in Denver. I like the pay, for what I do.
Tuesday and Thursdays and every other Saturday I am a hairstylist at a good salon. I love what I do and the people I get to make beautiful all the time. My clients keep me going I love them. But, I am tired of the politics/cattiness at the salon among the other stylists. This business I've been in for 10 years has it's ups and downs

I like the concept of writing a blog, I'm just not sure I have enough to write about. I will post pictures about life and experiences.

We are going Rving with The Good Sam's Club this weekend. This will support my love of traveling and meeting people. We are going to Manitou Springs at the Pikes Peak Campground.
I am excited to update later about that.

October 6, 2008

This all new to me

I am not a writer!! I do have thoughts to get out, but I am no good at the getting them down. I am trying to decide what to write about, I think I'll get down some recipes, pictures, and experiences. I am just testing this out.
I think I'll use this forum as my new way of scrapbooking.