October 8, 2008

Wednesday October 8,2008

Today is Wednesday.

Since Jazzy goes to Church with her friend Katie every Wednesday night, Keith and I have been going out to dinner. But, we all went out last night to a pizza place here in town I've been wanting to try, NYPD Pizza. Good Pizza. Because we had never been there we were excited to find out that every Tuesday there's a deal, buy one pizza get one free! Score. I think we'll go back although we have another local favorite we like also. It is Boriello Brothers Pizza and it is another New York style pizza. We seem to like that style.

I watched a little TV last night. I have to admit I am addicted to TV. I have contemplated stopping my watching but I am not sure I can. So, I caught up on Oprah. I also watched a new show this season called Privileged, it's on the CW network. It's a cute show, the main character Megan is so quirky, I love that about her.

I am working two jobs right now. I am working so diligently on getting out of debt. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays I go to Denver to work for a company, they are a contracted company with a gas company, I walk in neighborhoods checking gas meters for corrosion and rusting. Not a hard job, I bust my butt and can get the job done early. So, the second half of the day are mine to do with BUT, I am stuck in Denver. I like the pay, for what I do.
Tuesday and Thursdays and every other Saturday I am a hairstylist at a good salon. I love what I do and the people I get to make beautiful all the time. My clients keep me going I love them. But, I am tired of the politics/cattiness at the salon among the other stylists. This business I've been in for 10 years has it's ups and downs

I like the concept of writing a blog, I'm just not sure I have enough to write about. I will post pictures about life and experiences.

We are going Rving with The Good Sam's Club this weekend. This will support my love of traveling and meeting people. We are going to Manitou Springs at the Pikes Peak Campground.
I am excited to update later about that.