October 29, 2008

Keith's Birthday

So, here is an update to Keith's birthday

The visit with his parents was really nice. They got here Friday before Keith and I got home from work. Jasmine was home from school to greet them. We had BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches. My mother-in-law brought her fruit cups. Yum.

We had a great meal. And of course we had to break out the games. Their favorites are farkel, spinner and pitch. Jasmine loves playing all the games. She learned how to play pitch this weekend. I am glad, I like that game too.

Saturday, Keith's Birthday, we had a great breakfast of biscuits and gravy and a cream cheese braid. I can't say enough good things about Keith's mom's cooking. I love it. We gave Keith his presents. He liked them. I know he understood that the table is the big gift, still on it's way. When I was wrapping the gifts I noticed there was a difference of the two place mats. They said they were the same sizes but they were obviously different. I wrapped them anyway and I pointed it out to Keith. He like them and said he wanted two more just like them. So I returned them and bought two more for a total of four. His parents gave him money for his birthday. His mom made the infamous cake he's been wanting for his birthday since the year I met him. I watched closely so I can replicate it in the future. We went down to the bus to show his parents the bunk beds and other things Keith has been working on. I asked Keith's mom if she'd be interested in making us some curtains for the bunk beds, ones that will block out light. She said she would although we didn't measure for them when we were there. We then took a drive up by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Helen Hunt falls, Gold Camp Road and Garden of the Gods. It was a really nice day we were lucky to have it so nice for the end of October. I think everyone enjoyed the ride. We stopped at Helen Hunt Falls and walk up the falls a bit, but because Keith's dad doesn't do much walking we came back down and drove the 6 miles of Gold Camp Rd. It's dirt most of the way, but an easy road to drive it has a beautiful view of the city from up there. Keith, his mom, Ora Mae and Jasmine found some rocks on the side of the road. Then we drove through Garden of the Gods, it's always a beautiful park to drive through. We were getting hungry, OK maybe just Jazzy and I were, but we went to Edelweiss. A German restaurant that Keith and I have really enjoyed in the past. I order the Rahmschnitzel, I loved it and I am making a mental note (and writing it here) of what it's called. I will order it again, Keith even said he liked mine better than his. It had a mushroom cream sauce with the pork. Yum. It was a good day in all, I hope Keith had a great day, I believe he did.

Sunday we got up and had another great breakfast this time cooked in part by Keith. He does a good job too :) We kinda sat around for a while in the morning then finally decided to go play mini-golf. It gave us something to do. Keith was the winner, how appropiate. Then came home and cooked the ribs hand-delivered from Bandanas BBQ in Kansas City, MO( this is the place that catered our wedding). Ken and Ora Mae brought the ribs and a bottle of BBQ sauce, it is the flavor "spicy". She also made cheesy potatoes to go with our ribs. That was so nice.
His parents left early Monday morning and got home safely. We will get to see them at Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see the whole family.

We had great food and fun with the family all weekend.