October 31, 2008



Jasmine has been on fall break at school, parent/teacher conferences were this week. She went to school 1 1/2 days this week and had the rest of the week off. I think the school was avoiding anything to do with Halloween in my opinion. She was home all day Wednesday by herself. Wednesday night she spent the night at her friend Kate's house so, Thursday she was at Kate's all day. I felt like I should spend some time with her on Friday so I took the day off work.

We had a nice day, we took our time getting up and going. I made dinner ahead of time so it would be ready for later. I made Spaghetti Pie, I had never made it, I'll post the recipe soon. Jasmine carved her pumpkin all by herself while I made our dinner. She did such a good job with her pumpkin. I love that she's old enough to do it on her own. I know she had fun with it too. Best of all, I didn't get all gooey and gross with pumpkin guts! Although, I did go back to her bowl and pull out all the seeds for roasting. I really like those, I just heard those yummy seed are packed with lots of good nutrients. Yum.

We got all cleaned up and finally got out of the house to go get Jasmine's costume, she wanted to be a black cat this year. We went to the mall and found a Halloween store. It is so much fun looking at all of the costumes other people were wearing and buying. We found her some ears, they can be used for a mouse or cat, and a black tail. After that store we wondered around a little and I kept having to keep us on track. I also want to get my early voting done, I knew it was the last day until Tuesday and we finally found the line to vote. OMG the line was ridiculously long. I ended up standing in that line for 2 hours and 40 minutes. By the time I was done it was 5 o'clock. Earlier in the day I had invited Elizabeth and JJ over for dinner to see JJ's costume, they were supposed to be at my house at 5pm. I am glad I voted and got it over with, but I really wished I would have been a little more on the ball. In Heine sight I also wished we wouldn't have wasted time wondering around the mall until I saw how long the line to vote was. Oh well, everything always works and I just called Liz and asked to wait a few minutes. She was fine with it and I walked in the door a few minutes before she did.

JJ was a really cute monkey. How can you resist that little cute thing?

Liz was a Black cat also, they didn't even plan it that way. Jazzy asked Liz to do her make-up for the night. Liz did a great job on her own make-up and Jazzy's also. We ate the Spaghetti Pie I had made earlier, I am so glad I did that. JJ really enjoyed the green beans and a few of the noodles. We got some pictures and they left. He had to make the rounds to others who wanted to see him dressed up.

Jasmine and I went to Carol's house and Keith stayed home to hand out candy, I think he was quite content with that decision. Carol invites us every year and some years we make it and some we don't. The last time we went over to Rich and Carol's was 2 years ago. She always goes overboard with the decorations and she buys gifts for the kids. Michele brought her Mom from Denver and only had Ethan this year. I think Jazzy was a little disappointed that the older boys weren't there this year but her and Ethan had fun going house to house trick-or treating. Ethan dressed up as Elvis, black leather jacket with guitar and all. It was such a beautiful night I brought a sweater and didn't even put it on. I think we broke some temperature records this year. It was unbelievable!

I agreed to watch JJ for Liz and I asked if he could spend the night, she said yes! So, that was a first and he was so good and fun. I slept next to him all night and he woke up a couple times then was up by 6:45am Saturday morning. I took him to my friend's Aleta and Michele to show him off. Also took him to the Salon and a few people got to see there.