October 15, 2008

October 12-14 2008, Our Weekend at Pikes Peak Rv Park

I believe I have mentioned in the past that we were interested in joining The Good Sam's Rving group. We actually had to be voted in and we were. Yeah! I am excited to be a part of this group, they seem like they are going to be a fun group. I am probably the youngest of the adults. Jasmine was the only child, everyone else has grown children in fact some of their grandchildren are Jasmine's age but, I don't think she was too bored. She read a lot this weekend(Not like her, but she was happy). We camped at the Pikes Peak Rv Park in Manitou Springs, CO. We brought the bus up from Pueblo to Manitou on Friday at about 5 ish. We stayed in site # 50/51, Keith always wants to remember which site we stayed in so if we decide to go back we can stay in the same spot if it was a good one. We liked this spot it was perfect for us.
So, Friday night there where "heavy appetizers", everyone was supposed to bring something. I did not realize this, so we ate all the food and I mentioned to Jan, a Good Sam member, that I didn't realize I was supposed to bring something. She made sure I knew it was OK, "because there is always enough food".
Saturday we were on our own all day to do what we wanted, they did have a scavenger hunt to do in Manitou, we didn't do it. We watched Boris with his lathe make a beautiful bottle opener of ebony wood, among other things and he let Jasmine help him make it and keep it. By the time we were done watching his wonderful work, it was so interesting, it was after 1pm. Plus, it was so cold and spitting rain so I think we had stood outside long enough, at one point I brought Jasmine some Hot Chocolate. Brrr! We then went to Amanda's Fonda Mexican Restaurant. I love that place. In fact, I've decided they have the best salsa in town. I had Carnitas, I liked it. I may try something else the next time I go there. Saturday night the Good Sam's had a Chili/Gumbo/Soup cook-off. We made our Jambalaya, we didn't win, but had wonderful warm food perfect for the weather. Everyone stayed inside on Saturday night, ok maybe we just stayed inside because it was too cold outside. I will be glad the rest of the campouts are summer months, so they'll be warmer.
Sunday we made breakfast meat to share and brought fruit and the "Wagon Masters" supplied the pancakes. I am guessing there will not be a shortage of food on these fun weekends. We visited for a bit and then packed up and left. All in all it was a fun weekend. November 8th we are meeting in a restaurant and will continue to do that until the camping resumes in April or May depending on weather.