January 21, 2013

Our trip to Albuquerque

We had a very nice trip to Santa Fe and Albuquerque. We packed for two nights and ended up only spending one night. It was chalk full of sight-seeing and finding yummy food and most importantly spending time with my family. 

 We went to Pecos National Historical Park north of Santa Fe

Going down into the kiva

We found Route 66! Jasmine really wanted to see it. Of course, it's just a road but we drove down to see all of the old buildings that are still there. 

This is an old bridge that is no longer in use but, it used to be part of Route 66.

We found good food. This was Harry's Road House.

I had a panini and Jasmine ordered a Caesar salad.

Then we went to the Fiesta Balloon Museum. 


There was a wedding that was about to begin while we were at the museum.

I got my workout in while at the hotel. I have to say, I think this is the first time I have ever gotten a workout in on vacation. 

We went to Old Town Albuquerque.

We went to a greasy spoon diner on Route 66. 

And, on our way out of the state we had to stop by and stock up on some "two-buck-chuck"