April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

I'm finally getting around to sharing my Easter pictures.
My nephew JJ came over the night before Easter to dye eggs. He was so funny! His mom have him a white crayon to color on the egg so he started coloring. The next thing we heard was him banging the egg on the table. Yep, he cracked it! No big deal! He didn't know why we're coloring eggs!

The next day was Easter and the minute he walked in the door he spotted the eggs hidden all around the living room. He wasn't in the door a minute and he was going to get the eggs. His mom handed him his basket and he was off. Although soon after he decided that the basket was heavy and he didn't want to carry it anymore.
At first he just collected the eggs but then he figured out there was something in those eggs. He pryed one open and found jelly beans. So, then he went around to find more realizing they all must have candy in them. Some had coins. But every time he found more jelly beans he'd stuff them in his mouth! Pretty soon he had so many in his mouth he couldn't talk and I think he even started to drool!
His Easter Basket from Aunt Becky, Uncle Keith and Jasmine had a Handy Manny coloring book and crayons in it. He has been wanting to "write" so this was a hit. I even got on the floor to color with him. He is so much fun!