March 17, 2010

Just another late night

Ugh! Have you ever had to get a posterboard after school for your child only to find out the project is due to next day!

That's what I did tonight!

When I left to house to pick up my 14-year-old from school, I only grabbed my keys, sunglasses, and phone. NO WALLET! I know, Iknow, I should have it with me whenever I drive anywhere. But, I knew I'd be just running over to her school to pick her up and come right home.

NOPE! I hear "Mom, I need a posterboard tonight" So, we found change in the console and I sent her in by herself to Walgreen's.

$.98! That's all! But, it's the principle of the matter. Then, I asked her how long she'd know about the project. "Since last week" oh and It was due yesterday.


"I forgot!" 


So, I was just a little frustrated, to say the least. And, needless to say, she's having a late night with homework.

I thank God everyday that I only have one child! But, God why does she have to be just like me?