October 8, 2010

Mom's Eulogy

I lost my Mom unexpectedly on Sept. 23, 2010.
Here is the eulogy I wrote for her....

We stand here in Age Order because that the way my Mom would like it!


& Most importantly FRIEND to all

Mom, these are the words I've found for you.
you WERE

Beautiful, Generous and had a Big Heart
Independent, Strong, and always a hard worker
Creative, Passionate & you thought of every detail
Positive, Uplifting & Encouraging us along the way
Funny, Adventurous and had a contiguous smile

• You loved playing games because it brought people together

• You loved to cook to gather the ones you loved

• You made every Birthday and Holiday Special
At Christmas, we had so many Christmas Trees in our house... In the living room was a Formal Victorian tree in the Kitchen had a Christmas tree with cookie cutters, In the Family Room was usually a Live tree with sentimental ornaments you couldn't bare to part with because their was a lot! You also gave us each a Christmas Tree for our bedrooms and let express ourselves

• When you met someone for the first time you wouldn't shake their hand, you would say "I'm a hugger" & grab them.

• You never liked to miss out on the any action. Now, you never wanted to be the center of attention but you were always on the sidelines cheering us on.

• You never pushed us, you let us be ourselves

• As kids, we all bragged to our friends that our Mom was SPECIAL. You were special because you were left handed and you had a leap year birthday. You turned 14 1/2 this year just like Jazzy is now.

• You moved back to CO 1 year ago & remarried Dad. We are thankful for this last year.

• You've raised 4 great adults and 2 wonderful grandkids. We will make you proud

• Mom, this room is filled with YOUR love, we all feel that right now.

You will always be our connector, You've gathered us once again, this time it's to honor YOU!